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Kevin Bonham
14-03-2009, 02:38 PM
I have never seen this before but some of the juniors at the Tas Champs were playing it (including against me with some success :P )

Two player game played on 4x4 board. Each player starts with nine pieces in three different size ranges of three pieces each, such that the large pieces nestle around the medium pieces which in turn nestle around the small ones. The pieces start in three stacks (nestled large-small-medium) and you can only choose from pieces on the top of their stacks when deciding which piece to place on the board.

On each turn a player may:

* place a piece onto a vacant square
* move a piece already on the board to another vacant square
* move a piece already on the board to a square containing a smaller piece (this is called "gobbling")
* move a piece onto the board and gobble a piece immediately (but only where the opponent already has 3 pieces in a row)

If you move a piece that has already gobbled other pieces, they remain where they are.

Winner is the first to create a line (diagonal will do) of four of their own pieces (those gobbled by opponent at the time not counting), or to have such a line created for them by their opponent at the end of opponent's turn.

Draws by triple rep or agreement. Sofia rule does not apply. :lol:

Full rules at http://www.blueorangegames.com/elements/gobblet/gobblet_rules.pdf

Fascinating. Probably mathematically solvable too without too much work; would be interested to know if anyone has done so.

14-03-2009, 05:26 PM
As far as I can tell the game was invented by Thierry Denoual in 2003 and has not been extensively analysed. It looks to be of the same order of complexity as Connect Four which has been solved as a win for the player going first and so I suspect Gobblet is solvable with current technology and techniques. But I can't confirm it one way or the other.