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Trent Parker
17-06-2007, 06:44 PM
According to a press release that the Australian Poker League have put out, Major APL events will be covered on TV including one of the Pro Championship finals, the NSW State Championships and the Wild Turkey Tournament of Champions.

the press release reads:

APL signs TV production agreement
Friday, June 15, 2007

After months of development, the APL is pleased to announce the signing of a
strategic agreement with the first Australian television production company
exclusively dedicated to creating poker shows, Lights, Camera, Poker Pty Ltd.

LCP is entering the Australian market with a wealth of experience, hiring key
personnel from the well-established World Poker Tour, who have come down
under to produce some of the best poker content in the world.

Our players will now become the stars of APLTV shows playing on poker tables
with hole card cameras with on-screen statistics, an amazing set design with
robotic High Definition wide-screen cameras, presenters, hostess and much

APL together with LCP will film, edit and distribute poker shows of APL Special
events starting in July.

The first event to be filmed is the upcoming Pro Series Open on July 8th at the
Rooty Hill RSL, followed by the NSW State Championship on July 15th at
Burwood RSL and obviously our $1 million event the Wild Turkey APL
Tournament of Champions.

These are very exciting times for televised poker in Australia and in particular
for the APL and its members who will regularly feature on national television
through FOXTEL and/or other networks.
I look forward to seeing you all on the big screens in over 4,000 tournaments
that we hold every month in the very near future.
I hope it'll be free to air TV!

18-06-2007, 05:24 AM
I hope it'll be free to air TV!Dream on :doh:

Kerry Stead
20-06-2007, 07:47 PM
Two words might save you Trent ...
Torrent download

I imagine if it gets to air that it will also make it to the internet ...

In the meantime if you want generally poor poker on TV, do a search for 'Aces High', a Channel 31 Melbourne show which plays a 4 handed tournament game each week.

Can't really imagine the APL show to be that much different to it, although the standard of play might be slightly higher.