View Full Version : Net Blitz II is released

21-03-2004, 03:21 PM
Hi Chess players and Bughouse players.

Net Blitz II is now released (www.netblitzchess.com (http://www.netblitzchess.com)).
Net Blitz II is a chess program that lets you do many things easily. You can play a game against a computer or with 4 players in a Bughouse game.

New features in Net Blitz II:

You can play against a computer or let 2 computers play a game
Compatible with Sonork, an instant messenger that will help you finding players
The game window can be resized or maximized to full screen
There is a move list window
You can load or save a game in PGN format
A powerful chess engine is now included
You can undo a move
You can start a game from a specified position
You can pause a game
Option to search for a server on a local network
Developer Zone for programmer
You are welcome to visit our website.
Sébastien Lachance