View Full Version : Gletsos v AO - For all the marbles!!!

16-07-2006, 03:48 PM
Hi Bill,

Its time to clash swords over the board. The wager, that the loser be banned for one week.

I swear and give you my oath that I will not use:

a.) any internet chess resource for advantage;
b.) any chess computer, including fritz, CM 5000, or any other computer program which can calculate moves
c.) any chess book or other publication; and
d.) will not consult or speak to anyone during the game for the purpose of having that person's analysis

during the course of this game.

I need you to swear the same before we begin. It is my hope that the two of us ONLY use our minds and abilities during this game.

I trust the wager is fair, so let us begin.

White: [Alex]
Black: Gletsos, Bill

1. e4