View Full Version : software for managing and sending newsletters etc.

12-07-2006, 10:02 PM
Hi all I am currently evaluating free software for managing lists for sending out newsletters. So far I have looked at sendmessage. However I am having a few teething troubles.

What other programs do other people suggest.

In particular I want to be able to use the SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE feature
which is for example used on various chess newletters. Also I want to be able to manually update the equivalent of an address book called a list. The free version of the program is good at maintaining lists but the free version only lets you use two lists. I am having problems sending messages but I suspect that i am tired and making some stupid mistake.

What other programs have othe people here used and what sort of experience have you had with them. This could be usefull to every chess club in Australia.