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28-02-2004, 10:02 PM

February Junior Grand prix Allegro Round 1 at Melbourne Chess Club.

Janis Lesinskis cruised to victory in this chess event deservedly winning first prize. Paul Congiu, Victor Chau, Raphael Symons, Jonathon Cannon, Luke Black, Alwin Yap and William Fulgenzi consistently remained in the pit playing area and judging on their excellent results will be pressing hard for victory, come Octobers 7th round

1 Janis Lesinskis, 7 points
2-3 Paul Congiu, 6 points
Victor Chau
4-8 William Fulgenzi, 5 points
Aylwin Yap,
Raphael Symons,
Luke Black,
Jonathan Cannon,
9-15 Ollie Xue, 4 points
Jean-Luc Tambasco,
Nicholas Harrison,
Samuel Symons,
Tom Noonan,
Robbie Catto-Smith,
Wong Hao,
16-17 Domenic D'Agata, 3.5 points
Calum Field
18-25 Botao Han, 3 points
Jeremy Morton,
Jesse Lamb,
Daniel Chiuchiarelli,
Andrew Boughton,
Rachel Chang,
Samuel Harrison,
26-28 Sebastian D'Agata, 2.5 points
Davy Perlman,
Joshua Chang,
29-32 Daniel Bennet, 2 points
Jack Norman,
Robert Bursian,
Conrad Garro,
33 Sam Lynch, 1 point
34 Thomas Conley, 0 points

Congratulations to all the competitors who made the event an enjoyable and memorable first at the MCC. With a players best 4 results counting from an overall pool of 7 events, Janis is sure to be experience some fierce competition in his effort to remain in first spot in the overall grand prix.
The next tournament will be held at Melbourne Chess club 66 Leicester st Fitzroy on March the 27th. All interested enquiries should contact Nick Speck at Chess Education—chesseducation@labyrinth.net.au

The overall Grand Prix prices are $150 for 1st 100 for 2nd $50 for 3rd