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30-05-2006, 07:14 AM
Hello to all...

Soon the countries tournament will happen on FICGS chess server (http://www.ficgs.com), feel free to support your country, see the players by clicking the flags on the rating list, or in the countries directory (http://www.ficgs.com/directory_countries.html)

Some news about FICGS chess server ...

- An openings directory (http://www.ficgs.com/directory_openings.html) is now available (and players, countries..)
- You can now view the whole website without connecting...
- The first Thematic chess, Chess 960 and Go tournaments started !
- New search functions, flags etc...

Already more than 300 articles in Wikichess, 300 members and almost 23 000 moves played in the first 50 days..

Thanks to you all for support :)

Have good games...

FICGS - Correspondence chess server (http://www.ficgs.com)

Trent Parker
30-05-2006, 08:59 AM
FICGS - (i assume this is Thibault)

I have moved this thread to the computer chess area where other discussions on playing chess online and chess programs.

I play on this site. It is a pretty good new site which is constantly being upgraded to make it better. It is not as fast as..... say Gameknot, but it does have different time controls to Gameknot. Standard games are 40 Days + 40 Days/10 moves (Max 100 Days) so you do not have to play for a while if you need to.

A recommended site.

Trent Parker