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02-05-2005, 12:51 PM
The following are some points relating to setting up a club computer based on our experience.

1) Leave yourselves plenty of time to set up the computer before you need it. You will strike stupid problems. Set the computer up at someone's home not in the club. This avoids the unwanted helper's problem.

2) It is now possible to buy a "Box only" comfiguration for about $300- $350 which has plenty of raw power. We obtained a full tower Athlon 2600, fast CD burner ,floppy disk reader and various other goodies for about $350. We added a second hand monitor and keyboard. Make sure that your keyboard fits.

3) We installed an OEM copy of Windows XP as most software runs under Windows. It may have been possible to have used the Penguin but most of our users are unfamiliar with it.

4) I made copies of installers for the following on my own PC and copied them to CD.

- Swiss Perfect

- Chessbase Light

- Mozilla Firefox

- Acrobat Reader

- a zip program

- open office

5) I arranged for the shop to install Windows and partition the hard disk into
three logical drives.


- Assuming partitions on hard disk are C,D,E

- rename the user set up by the shop to the name that the club wants to use and set up the club password. Write the password down.

Make an install folder "install" on your D drive.

Copy all your programs that you wish to install from CD to the "install' folder.

Install all programs onto C drive making sure that their data folders are installed on the D drive.

Now take a Restore Point. Do it again to be sure.

Import all the data you want for the various programs onto the D drive

Test all the programs.

Copy the contents of the D drive to CD as your first backup.

Using your Chess computer.

You will most probably be running Chessbase Light and Swissperfect at the same time. Enter results into Swiss Perfect as your top priority and game scores using Chessbase as a second priority.

At the end of the day copy the contents of your D drive to CD as your backup. Store this CD off site. TAKE a restore Point.If your computer is stolen then recovery will be relatively painless.

Whenever you wish to add a new program or upgrade an existing one put the installer into the Install folder unless they come with a CD. Also copy all such things as drivers into the Install folder.

Disaster Recovery from Windows failure.

Windows may crash catastrophically. If so proceed as follows.

First get rid of all kibitzers. You may want to take the PC off-site.

Next if possible copy the contents of the C drive to the E drive.

Next try recovery from a restore point. If this works be very relieved.

Next try doing an install of Windows over the top of your existing install.
If this does not work say some suitable naughty words. Now comes the horrible part. It is best to do this off site and take your time.

Format the C drive

Do a clean install of Windows.

Reinstall all programs making from the install folder making sure that they point to the correct data files on the D drive.

Now find on the E drives data files that people put on the C drive.

16-05-2005, 09:50 PM
Will Chessbase Light run under the Windows Interface that can be attached to linux.

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17-05-2005, 07:57 PM
CB 7,8,Light, BlitzIn all work well in WINE (CentOS, Debian, Xandros). I think the installshield thing in WINE has some problem, forgot how I got around that.

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17-05-2005, 07:58 PM
Windows may crash catastrophically.


18-05-2005, 09:15 PM
CB 7,8,Light, BlitzIn all work well in WINE (CentOS, Debian, Xandros). I think the installshield thing in WINE has some problem, forgot how I got around that.

Well now I will put together one computer from parts of two computers and try out the Penguin.

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18-05-2005, 09:30 PM
Try Xandros + their Win emulator thing, because that's probably the best to run Windows programs.