View Full Version : Fludy gets a scabby virus

27-03-2005, 11:58 AM
Hi all my virus checker (Panda) caught some new scabby virus or phish software last night. At the time I was looking at a site which sells DVD's on-line and was possibly a phish site as the DVD I was looking at is not in the shops. All of a sudden Panda reported that my web browser "Firefox" had changed and was trying to access the Internet. Naturally I pulled the plug immediately and ran a full scan.

There were two nasties that the virus checker could not disinfect only change their names.

Fortunately the viruses were present on my bckup partition (I had not written to it in over a week) Sunday night is weekly back-up night at my place and I copy crucial files to the backup drive and then from my backup drive to CD.

So I reformatted my back up partition. Then I checked my web browser (off-line of course). It was corrupted. The I deleted the browser, downloaded the latest version using a different browser from a local TUCOWS mirror.

I reinstalled the Browser and everything works.