View Full Version : Online Interclub Lichess Team Battle - fortnightly from 28 April 2020

22-04-2020, 12:47 PM
NZ clubs and players are invited to enter the upcoming Lichess.org team battles, with our first on 28 April i.e. next Tuesday. 7:30pm - 9:30pm, time control of 3 mins + 2 secs/move increment. Team score is top 5 individual scores. To enter the event, go the event link below and enter for one of the clubs currently entered (players will need to be a member of the relevant team, so will have to arrange that before entering).

For players whose club is not on Lichess or can't get the numbers on the night, they are welcome to play for the NZCF team which will play the role of the "rest of NZ" for these events. To join that team, go to the link below - restricted to NZ citizens, players living in NZ (whether citizens or not), or players who are registered with FIDE as NZL. The NZCF team will also organise individual events in due course, so all NZ players who meet one of the criteria listed are encouraged to join if that would be of interest. Please use your real name as your user name, or include your real name in your profile. This is meant to be a temporary replacement for OTB chess, and anonymity is not conducive to that. Knowing who players are also seems to be a good deterrent against cheating!

Event link: https://lichess.org/tournament/tnjyUIgc
NZCF team link: https://lichess.org/team/new-zealand-chess-federation

For clubs which would like to enter but don't have a presence as a club on Lichess yet, NZCF webmaster Bill Forster has an excellent guide to setting one up here: http://newzealandchess.co.nz/running-chess-clubs-online.html . As a personal note, I suggest club committees be active in this area as there are benefits besides being able to play something during lockdown, and it also avoids issues which can arise if a well-meaning member sets something up without approval or oversight (one key issue is maintaining semi-official club accounts/teams if said member leaves or dies).