View Full Version : Junior 9/Deep Junior 9 GUI problems

Bill Gletsos
22-12-2004, 11:09 AM
Apparently there are problems with the GUI for Junior 9 and Deep Junior 9.
The last offical patch for the program Dhessprogram8 is on CB Magazine 103. Its from last April and is 7.62MB.

The Fritz Championship Edition has a GUI date of November 2nd.
Apparently its ok.

The Junior/Deep Junior 9 GUI is from mid November and is faulty.
It appears Chessbase currently have no plans to replace the faulty CD's.

The latest patch for the GUI is at www.playchess.com/updates/support/gui8.iup
It is about 8.3 MB.
According to the forums on the Computer Chess Club the Junior/Deep Junior engine is also updated to version by this patch
The official release should appear on CB Magazine 104.

Store the GUI8.iup file in the folder C:\Program Files\ChessBase\ChessProgram8.
Make sure you are not running any chessbase program.
Then run the program IUpgrade.exe from that folder in order to install the

Note that the patch location above is used by Chessbase for unofficial releases.

The official release location is www.playchess.com/updates/gui8.iup
This version is the same as on CB Magazine 103.

Bill Gletsos
28-12-2004, 04:25 PM
There is a new Chessbase GUI patch at www.playchess.com/updates/support/gui8.iup

This version is dated Dec 23rd.