View Full Version : NZ teams for Batumi Olympiad 2018

10-05-2018, 01:25 AM
43rd World Chess Olympiad, Batumi (http://www.newzealandchess.co.nz/Olympiad2018/olympiad2018.html)

The NZCF selectors have chosen the New Zealand squads for the Batumi Olympiad, September 23rd – October 7th. In provisional board order they are:

Open Team

1. IM Russell Dive
2. FM Ben Hague
3. FM Alexei Kulashko
4. IM Anthony Ker
5. FM Daniel Gong

[Dive and Ker had their Olympiad debut 30 years ago—1988 Thessaloniki—and evidently are still going strong.]

Women’s Team

1. CM Helen Milligan
2. WCM Vyanla Punsalan
3. WFM Jasmine Zhang
4. WCM Joy Qin
5. WCM Nicole Qin

The teams are chosen from a list of players who have confirmed themselves available. Head of Delegation is Hilton Bennett. The Open Team Captain/Coach is Bulgarian Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov. The Women’s Team Captain is Brazilian IM Herman van Riemsdijk.