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02-05-2017, 01:24 AM
The Tarrasch Chess GUI (https://www.triplehappy.com/)

Bill Forster is a Kiwi with a FIDE Candidate's Master title, and an occasional contributor to ChessChat. His website (https://www.triplehappy.com/) says:

Tarrasch is an extremely easy to use free chess program for Windows. Tarrasch comes with a free database and chess engines, (including Stockfish and the demo version of Houdini), so you get everything you need to enjoy computer chess with one simple download …

Tarrasch is designed to to make it as easy as possible to perform some basic chess activities;

Play a game against a chess engine, with either color, from any position, with a time handicap if desired.
Setup an arbitrary position and get the engine to analyse that position. View and play through the analysis provided by the engine.
Create and edit .pgn files (standard chess documents). Enter variations easily (just make moves anywhere). Enter and edit comments easily (just click anywhere and start typing). Promote and demote variations and even comments (so comments can change to moves and vice-versa – great for picking text off a website).
Explore chess openings and navigate easily through large chess databases.
Search chess databases for positions, patterns and material balances.

Last Update: 1 April 2017

Bill wanted to commemorate Tarrasch, who as he says has an unjustified reputation as a dogmatist and general ‘bad guy’ of chess.

Bill Forster
26-06-2017, 08:12 AM
Thanks for posting this Capablanca fan.

Can I ask a question of you; How did you find out about Tarrasch? It has a fairly low profile on the internet. Yet somehow people find it. I see about one hundred downloads a day.

After many years of effort (sometimes intense, sometimes off and on) I now have got Tarrasch to a pretty good place, I think. It's ideal for people who prefer chess to chess computing. People who don't want to mess about with multiple downloads and options - they just want to work on their chess.

It's Windows only. I am trying to find the energy and motivation to put out Mac and Linux versions. It has been designed with the intent to make those versions. Phone versions on the other hand are a step too far. It's possible I've spent all this effort just in time for my work to be made irrelevant by the mobile phone revolution and web solutions like lichess.org :-( Oh well :-)

08-07-2017, 07:35 AM
You're welcome, Bill (just noticed your post).

I must confess that I can't remember how I found your program. I may have been searching for something suitable, and this was just what I wanted. An added bonus was coming from a Kiwi.

Patrick Byrom
01-11-2017, 11:00 PM
I found Tarrasch by a Google search for a Rybka front end (before seeing this thread). I've found it very useful, and I have already recommended it to several other people.

25-03-2018, 08:09 AM

Thanks for the work on Tarrasch! It starts under Wine, by the way, in Mac OS X, unlike ChessBase. Only ChessBase Reader can work via Wine, but not ChessBase itself.

> I am trying to find the energy and motivation to put out Mac and Linux versions

I was thinking if we could work together on this. I'm a programmer living in Auckland. First, there is Electron, a cross-platform way of doing desktop software for Win/Mac/Linux. Second, it's based on Javascript, so many things from Web/mobile platforms could be reused. It's almost like running a Web software, but locally, without Internet.

05-08-2019, 12:26 PM
Is there a mode where the engine analyses a whole game?