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08-06-2016, 06:27 PM
Ransomware hit Australia hard last week.

It masquerades as an AGL gas or electricity bill. Open an attached zip file and the wheels come off.

All of your files are encrypted and you are asked to pay $800+ to get your files back.

If you do then a keylogger program is installed to steal your credit card information.

A computer shop told me yesterday told that one of its customers tried to fix the problem and encrypted his back up files as well.

I will post next week on how I have updated my back up systems.

As well as your virus checker you should also have a good malware program. Mine caught the ransomware program as well as blocking malicious web sites.

17-06-2016, 06:43 PM
Many thanks for making us aware of this, David. These things are nasty.
My rule of thumb. Don'open an attachment if source or filename is suspect.