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31-05-2011, 08:39 AM
"Be vewwy quiet: I'm hunting wabbits."

Come and enjoy a day of quiet wabbit and Think Big NZ Chess Grand Prix Class 3 points hunting at the Hamilton Chess Centre 21 Grantham St. It is open season on wabbits.

7 rounds of 20’+5” chess, from 9am (registration/payment). Round 1 starts 9.30am. Lunch break after round 3.

Entry fees: $35 Adults, $25 juniors and Hamilton Chess Club members, payable on the day (cash/cheque only).

Prize money: Guaranteed prize pool of over $400: $125 first, $100 second, rating group prizes $50 for U1800, U1500 and ‘U1200 and under 12 years old’, $30 best unrated player. More prizes based on entry numbers.

For more details, and registration go to hamiltonchess.net (http://hamiltonchess.net/events/waikato-winter-wapid/). Please register in advance.

15-06-2011, 09:06 PM
I have this list of entries so far. It should be a good day for hunting wabbits! I will probably have more than just 1st for each rating group prize, especially for the lower groups.

Name Preferred event rating category
Hilton P Bennett A = 1800 and over
Noel Pinic A = 1800 and over
K William Lynn B = under 1800
Richard J Dare B = under 1800
Brett Loper C = under 1500
Michael Metham C = under 1500
Lillian Dare C = under 1500
Murray Tuatini C = under 1500
Kanchana Wansapura C = under 1500
Ian Kennedy C = under 1500
David Chen C = under 1500
Christopher Symon C = under 1500
Eugene Petzer C = under 1500
Alphaeus Ang D = under 1200 and under 12
Yuno Oh D = under 1200 and under 12
Ra Neilsford-Jones D = under 1200 and under 12
Daniel Gong D = under 1200 and under 12
Aaron Wang D = under 1200 and under 12
Gary L Judkins C = under 1500
Grace Li D = under 1200 and under 12
Aaron Taylor D = under 1200 and under 12
Bhum X D = under 1200 and under 12

19-06-2011, 07:58 PM
A wet Sunday saw 23 keen chess players battle out the Wapid. Paul Garbett showed his class with a picket fence score. Noel Pinic was 2nd and only lost to Paul, William Lynn won the 1st prize for the U1800 rating group, Bill Li was 1st in the U1500 and 2nd was Ian Kennedy. Alphaeus Ang was 1st in the U1200 group.

I want to thank Keong Ang for assisting with arbiting during the day and for the players that supported this event, coming from near and far, to help the Hamilton region players develop their chess skills.
Cross table is here (http://hamiltonchess.net/events/waikato-winter-wapid/results/)

Tony Dowden
07-07-2011, 06:57 PM
Well done to veterans Garbett and Lynn :clap: :clap:

(They must be 110-120 years old between them!)