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10-11-2010, 01:49 PM
Play Momentum chess in the Hamilton Central Library (Garden Place) from noon to 4pm on Saturday 11 Dec.

Cash Prizes will be given for highest scoring adult, and for the best U18, U14 and U10 boy and girl players. 90% of the entry fees less expenses will be distributed as prizes.

Parking is $1 per hour in the underground council car park.

Other information:
Entry fees (payable on the day):
$15 for adults
$10 for juniors (U18s) or Hamilton Chess Club members

Momentum chess is playing different time controls in the same event - you can gain momentum or lose momentum, depending on how well you play at differing time controls. For this event it will be: 4 rounds of 5 minute chess followed by 4 rounds of 15 minute chess.

Registration and payment (cash only) starts at noon. If you are interested in more details, then please contact us. And PLEASE register in advance - in makes starting so much quicker, and avoids disappointment! You can register online here (http://hamiltonchess.weebly.com/central-library.html).

We are very excited about having a primary school group coming all the way from Thames for the event!. Come on local Hamilton school kids - come and play!

25-11-2010, 10:59 AM
The 11 Dec Momentum chess event is shaping to be the best attended yet! Some 17 entries, and growing, from the Hikuai Primary School (Thames-Coromandel area) alone! Note that it is individual entry, just that a whole lot of juniors want to play and so the school is getting right behind them.

It would be great to see more juniors attend, to give the adults a run for their money. The event details are here (http://hamiltonchess.weebly.com/monthly-momentum-chess.html), and you can register here (http://hamiltonchess.weebly.com/central-library.html). Come along at noon to the Hamilton Central Library and be part of the fun.

29-11-2010, 01:23 PM
Due to a number of factors, it has been decided to hold this event starting earlier (11am instead of noon) and a different format (7 x 15-minute per player rounds, instead of 4 x 5-minute player rounds followed by 4 x 15-minute player rounds). The venue will still be the same (Hamilton Central Library).

If you have not registered as yet for this event, this can be done here (http://hamiltonchess.weebly.com/central-library.html).

We already have 20 entries (with 15 juniors from one primary school!), but more are most welcome. The prize pool is sitting close to $200 at the moment, but will increase with more entries! Again, entry fees are $10 juniors and HCC members, other adults are $15.

There will be cash prizes for: overall 1st and 2nd, the highest scoring adult, and for the best U18, U14 and U10 boy and girl players (players can only win one prize).

thanks, Scott

03-12-2010, 06:03 AM
Just a reminder that this event is 1 week away. The current entries are below, listed in registration order. Also a breakdown of the different categories - still plenty of time fo some under 18s to register!

Timothy Clarke Under 14
Kristy Earnshaw Under 14
Ben Hamill Under 14
Elyse Oliveira Under 14
Sophie Clarke Under 14
Courtney Flooks Under 14
Laura Woods Under 10
Rebecca Clarke Under 10
Logan Earnshaw Under 10
Zachie Spangenberg Under 10
Hunter Horsnell Under 10
Matthew Flooks Under 10
Sage Vaughters Under 10
Zion Vaughters Under 10
Campbell Woods Under 10
Yvette Spangenberg Adult
Evan Vaughters Adult
Murray Tuatini Adult
Abdirahman Ali Adult
Cullen Hooper Under 10
Noel Pinic Adult
Hilton Bennett Adult
Michael Metham Adult
Richard Dare Adult

Male Female Total
Adult 7 1 8
Under 18 0 0 0
Under 14 2 4 6
Under 10 8 2 10
17 7 24

12-12-2010, 05:05 PM
It was fun and laughter as the main item on the agenda today, as kids outnumbered the adults. Much chess and tournament practice was learnt, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to Yvette Spangenberg in organising the Hikuai school students that attended - it made for an exciting day, and for the other helpers on the day as well. Noel Pinic achieved a pickfence score, with Richard Dare coming in second overall. Samuel Eddy got 1st place in the U14 boys (playing Noel Pinic on board 1 in round 7!) from Ryan Thompson while Kristy Earnshaw topped the U14 girls. Cullen Hooper (also on 4 points) got 1st in the U10 and Laura Wood got 1st in the U10 girls. Campbell Wood came 2nd in the U10 and this was remarkable as he was also our youngest competitor (6 years old).

Standings and cross table are below. I hope to see you all again and more on the Sunday 16th Jan when we open the Hamilton Chess Centre with another rapid event.


Place Name Feder Intl Id Score M-Buch. Buch. Progr.

1 Pinic, Noel A 1st overall 7 21.0 29.5 28.0
2 Dare, Richard J A 2nd overall 6 20.5 30.5 23.0
3-4 Bennett, Hilton P A 1st adult 5 23.0 34.0 23.0
Wagner, Stefan A 5 18.5 28.0 20.0
5-10 Ali, Abdirahman A 4 21.5 29.5 19.0
Tuatini, Murray A 4 20.5 29.0 17.0
Eddy, Samuel U14M 1st U14 boy 4 20.0 28.5 16.0
Metham, Michael A 4 18.0 25.5 18.0
Hooper, Cullen U10M 1st U10 boy 4 16.0 21.5 11.0
Thompson, Ryan U14M 4 15.5 22.0 13.0
11-13 Wood, Laura U10F 1st U10 girl 3.5 17.5 22.5 11.0
Earnshaw, Kristy U14F 1st U14 girl 3.5 16.0 23.5 15.0
Wood, Campbell U10M 2nd U10 boy 3.5 12.5 17.0 12.5
14-20 Vaughters, Evan A 3 20.0 30.5 15.0
Singh, Rani U14F 3 19.0 29.0 13.0
Oliveira, Elyse U14F 3 17.0 23.5 13.0
Clarke, Sophie U14F 3 17.0 23.0 12.0
Spangenberg, Zachie U10M 3 16.5 22.0 10.0
Vaughters, Zion U10M 3 15.5 24.0 14.0
Vaughters, Sage U10M 3 13.0 17.5 9.5
21-22 Clarke, Timothy U14M 2 16.5 22.0 9.0
Horsnell, Hunter U10M 2 15.0 20.0 8.5
23 Earnshaw, Logan U10M 1.5 16.0 21.5 5.5

Cross table

No Name Feder Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 Pinic, Noel A 7 15:W 5:W 2:W 3:W 4:W 14:W 7:W
2 Dare, Richard J A 6 7:W 8:W 1:L 19:W 6:W 12:W 3:W
3 Bennett, Hilton P A 5 10:W 6:W 4:W 1:L 8:W 5:W 2:L
4 Wagner, Stefan A 5 17:W 14:W 3:L 16:W 1:L 6:W 5:W
5 Ali, Abdirahman A 4 23:W 1:L 12:W 7:W 10:W 3:L 4:L
6 Tuatini, Murray A 4 11:W 3:L 15:W 14:W 2:L 4:L 8:W
7 Eddy, Samuel U14M 4 2:L 9:W 21:W 5:L 16:W 11:W 1:L
8 Metham, Michael A 4 9:W 2:L 22:W 17:W 3:L 15:W 6:L
9 Hooper, Cullen U10M 4 8:L 7:L 0:W 15:L 21:W 16:W 14:W
10 Thompson, Ryan U14M 4 3:L 11:W 14:L 22:W 5:L 18:W 15:W
11 Wood, Laura U10F 3.5 6:L 10:L 23:W 12:D 20:W 7:L 19:W
12 Earnshaw, Kristy U14F 3.5 18:D 21:W 5:L 11:D 17:W 2:L 13:D
13 Wood, Campbell U10M 3.5 16:D 15:L 18:D 21:W 14:L 23:W 12:D
14 Vaughters, Evan A 3 0:W 4:L 10:W 6:L 13:W 1:L 9:L
15 Singh, Rani U14F 3 1:L 13:W 6:L 9:W 19:W 8:L 10:L
16 Oliveira, Elyse U14F 3 13:D 20:W 19:D 4:L 7:L 9:L 22:W
17 Clarke, Sophie U14F 3 4:L 23:W 20:W 8:L 12:L 19:L 0:W
18 Spangenberg, Zachie U10M 3 12:D 19:L 13:D 20:L 0:W 10:L 21:W
19 Vaughters, Zion U10M 3 0:D 18:W 16:D 2:L 15:L 17:W 11:L
20 Vaughters, Sage U10M 3 0:D 16:L 17:L 18:W 11:L 22:D 23:W
21 Clarke, Timothy U14M 2 22:W 12:L 7:L 13:L 9:L 0:W 18:L
22 Horsnell, Hunter U10M 2 21:L 0:W 8:L 10:L 23:D 20:D 16:L
23 Earnshaw, Logan U10M 1.5 5:L 17:L 11:L 0:W 22:D 13:L 20:L