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20-09-2010, 03:12 PM
Play blitz chess in the Central Library (9 Garden Place) from noon to 4pm on Saturday 16 Oct.

Cash Prizes will be given for highest scoring adult, and for the best U18, U14 and U10 boy and girl players.

Parking is free in the city from 10am Saturday! (and $1 an hour for up to 4 hours in the underground council parks). The library venue will be on the second level, stack area, or if the weather is fine in December, then outdoors in Garden place.

Other information:
Entry fees (payable on the day):
$15 for adults
$10 for juniors or Hamilton Chess Club members

All your moves in 5 minutes, 12 rounds in total

Registration and payment starts at noon. If you are interested in more details, then please contact us. And PLEASE register in advance - in makes starting so much quicker, and avoids disappointment! You can register online here (http://hamiltonchess.weebly.com/central-library.html). The attached flyer may also assist you.

(note I started a new thread so I can capture results for this event, separately from the club news thread)

01-10-2010, 06:12 AM
Just a reminder that it is 2 weeks to our inaugural monthly blitz chess event in the Garden Place Library. For those that have already registered, thank you. For those that are thinking of playing, please register online so we can organise our resources and to ensure you do not miss out!

12-10-2010, 08:15 AM
A reminder that this Saturday is our first monthly chess blitz in the central library (9 Garden Place Hamilton) from noon (please pass on to your friends, students etc and enter online). Who knows, in years to come, you might get asked - where were you when HCC held the FIRST monthly chess? Your chance to be the INAUGURAL TITLE holder in your age group.

You can register online here:


Some of the fine print:

$10 entry for under 18s and HCC members, $15 entry for other adults (please pay cash on the day)
entries and payments also taken from noon Saturday, 1st round to start at 12.30pm (we hope)
cash prizes for best adult, and U18/U14/U10 boy and girl
no entries in a category, then no prizes
90% of entry fees returned as prize money
PLEASE register online so we know about how many are coming, and to make the entry process smoother

As a contingency measure, if there are not enough entries for a 12 round g5/0 swiss event, I am considering making it a 7 round rapid (G15/0 or so). I might even ask for a show of hands before we start - BLITZ or RAPID? Come cast your vote!

Any questions, then please get in touch.

15-10-2010, 07:45 AM
We now have 12 entries registered for tomorrows event, and growing. Only 2 under 18s and no females so far (seems to be the usual demographic then, sigh!). But please register today or come along tomorrow for some chess fun.

17-10-2010, 05:11 PM
The event was renamed as Momentum chess as we had 3 rounds of G15, followed by 3 rounds of G10 and then 2 rounds of G5. So your momentum improves (!), or for some your score loses momentum if you cannot play blitz so well. Thank you to the 12 players who competed in this inaugural event, and Richard Dare and David Chen (U18) won the event (both 7/8), winning $50 each. Crosstable is:

No Name Feder Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 DARE, RICHARD J A 7 2:L 4:W 6:W 8:W 9:W 3:W 5:W 12:W
2 CHEN, DAVID U18M 7 1:W 7:D 10:W 3:D 4:W 8:W 9:W 5:W
3 BENNETT, HILTON P A 6.5 11:W 10:W 8:W 2:D 7:W 1:L 4:W 6:W
4 HUMPHREYS, SCOTT A 4.5 7:D 1:L 11:W 10:W 2:L 12:W 3:L 8:W
5 BROADBENT, NATHAN U18M 4 6:L 8:L 12:W 11:W 10:W 7:W 1:L 2:L
6 JACKSON, RICHARD A 4 5:W 9:L 1:L 7:L 12:W 11:W 8:W 3:L
7 KENNEDY, IAN A 3.5 4:D 2:D 9:W 6:W 3:L 5:L 12:L 10:D
8 HARTMANN, ANDREAS A 3 9:W 5:W 3:L 1:L 11:W 2:L 6:L 4:L
9 JUDKINS, GARY L A 3 8:L 6:W 7:L 12:W 1:L 10:W 2:L 11:L
10 TUATINI, MURRAY A 2.5 12:W 3:L 2:L 4:L 5:L 9:L 11:W 7:D
11 DARE, LILLIAN A 2 3:L 12:W 4:L 5:L 8:L 6:L 10:L 9:W
12 METHAM, MICHAEL A 1 10:L 11:L 5:L 9:L 6:L 4:L 7:W 1:L