View Full Version : Chess256 for computer matches

20-09-2009, 03:05 PM
Chess256 implies that the opening setup for the pawns is chosen
randomly while satisfying the condition that the pawns must be placed
either on the second or the third rank. The sides mirror each other.
Unlike Chess960, this is practically the same as standard chess.

I suggest that Chess256 is ideal for matches between chess programs.
In this way the opening library plays no role at all. What counts is
an understanding of pawn chains, etc.. Of course, all chess programs
can already play Chess256, although they lack the random function to
generate the positions. Instead, the initial position can be generated
by any method, and the programs' position can then be altered by the
set up function. On the below link is an online program that generates
Chess256 positions randomly. Just press 'Move' and a position will be
randomly created:

For more on Chess256, see the following article:

A very interesting alternative, also suitable for training purposes, is my suggestion of "relocation variants":
(the article contains diagrams and links to email presets and programs that can play the variants)