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    Sound problems with notoriously dodgy laptop....

    My laptop is a Toshiba Portege M750 (an awful laptop, very flashy but terrible inside). I often have problems with this laptop (most notably programs not responding, IE continuously opening tabs, it popping up with a 'writing' icon when I'm typing [which is used when handwriting]) among various other things that I'm too lazy to mention.

    Anyway, the problem my laptop has decided to create is that it refuses to play any sound, not theough headphones or through speakers.

    I like to think I'm not your typical computer idiot - I *have* tried pretty much every solution. Rebooting, making sure the sound was on and not muted, turned all the volumes up, made sure the computer was actually making a sound, tested the headphones in another computer to make sure they work, making sure everything was plugged in, virus scan... any more suggestions?

    This is rather annoying as it's Friday night, and the computer centre isn't open till Monday.
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    Depends how computer-capable you are Miranda. I would suggest next step is to try uninstalling the sound drivers, rebooting, and then reinstalling them. I've had problems in the past on one or two PCs with Microsoft Windows incorrectly installing drivers (i.e. mis-identifying the sound card hardware and installing wrong drivers as "updates"). Can be a bit of a pain to work out the problem and fix it if this is what's happened here, because if so, you can't get the info on the type of sound card hardware you have by using Windows itself (because it is mis-identifying it), so I had to physically open up the machine and look for the video chips on the motherboard.

    My guess is that your eyes are glazing over at this point. If you can't find an easy fix, maybe consider backing up your essential files and doing a fresh install of Windows?
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    Most laptops come with either 1 or 3 year warranty. If your machine is less than that old, call Toshiba and they will advise you.

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