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Thread: JB'z Poker room

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    JB'z Poker room

    JB'z Poker room is located at the Macarthur Tavern, Macarthur Square campbelltown. It has been running for about 5 months now thursdays through Sundays each week.

    Thursday nights 7-30 is a freeroll tournament
    Friday nights 7.30is a $22 freeze out/bounty game ($5 bounty/15 into main prize pool)
    Satudays 3.30 freeroll 7.30 $33 Bounty
    sundays 3.30 $55 super deep stack.

    $11/$22/$33/$55 sit and goes at any time poker room is open.

    The reason why i thought i'd put this here is that, for this week, JB'z poker room will be donating to the Red Cross Bushfire appeal all the rake from all the tournaments and sit and gos and their backer will match the amount collected.

    I won a sit and go tonight so i'll be donating half my winnings less my entry to the appeal

    So If you live in sydney, like to play poker (and not playing in the Newcastle Open chess tournament) head on down to JB'z poker room
    Venue is only a short walk from macarthur station.

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    Interesting to see poker starting to sneak out of the casinos (aside from the microstakes and freeroll APL stuff). The 10% tournament fees sound *very* reasonable? Do they run any cash games?

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    My first (adult) foray into commerce was a retail affair that included selling poker mats in Queensland. This was some twenty years ago. I recall that a the time there were strict state government restrictions on the use of chips, mats and buy-ins to games.

    Coincidentally I was also interfaced with these state regulations in an ensuing role as a fundraising manager for one of the disability services in Queensland.

    This is what during a time when The Moonlight State was just wrapping up. Does anyone know of the state regs in Qld now? Is anyone aware of the state regs elsewhere, past and present?
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    I'm only just learning Poker and now it's banned!!!!

    Why don't they ban Poker Machines instead..... poker machines take your money straight away, it takes hours and hours to lose money at Poker and chances are you'll fall asleep even.

    They only banned Poker cause it's too complicated for them to work out how to get a cut! If they were concerned about poor people losing their last $ when they are desperate they would ban Poker Machines. :grrrr:

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