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Thread: Choice of Sets

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    Choice of Sets

    There is currently available chess sets with the pieces coloured white instead of the off white colour. I have found that when playing with the sets with the white coloured pieces under fluro lighting it gives me eye strain. would it be permissible in a tournament before starting a tournament round to ask for the pieces to be replaced with the off white pieces> Also could your opponent object if the opponent liked playing with the white pieces? Comments would be appreciated

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    The FIDE Laws (Article 2) provide that sets should be light and dark, which includes white and black but is not limited to it.

    I have seen a player request a change in equipment which he considered too black and white.

    Ultimately it's up to the arbiter but if alternative equipment is available and the opponent doesn't object I don't see a problem. However if the opponent does object I think the arbiter would be within their rights, though under no obligation, to rule that the same equipment everyone else is using is adequate.

    I suggest going in ten minutes early and swapping the equipment at your board, most people won't notice.

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    The suggestion has merit if there are different colours of white available but if they are all the same type of white pieces then I guess the player has to put up with it

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    I see that we have a post or two on this same topic on the "What is the official WCC chess set?" thread on General Chess Chat. Perhaps they could be moved to here.

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