Use of the work of others

Some posters to this section enjoy using articles written by others to illustrate discussion or as a springboard for discussion. If doing so, because of the restrictions of Australian copyright law, there are many circumstances where it is better to link to an article you wish to mention than to copy and paste large sections of it.

When you can quote an article in full

An article written elsewhere can be quoted in full if it is at least mostly relevant to the thread and at least one of the following is true:

* The article was not written with any expectation of profit and the author is not likely to make any money out of writing it.

* The author or original publisher has given explicit written permission for the article to be reproduced and any conditions of that permission have been complied with.

* The author died before 1955.

(The onus is on the poster to demonstrate the above exceptions if required.)

* The article is being quoted for the purposes of genuine critical review. This means that as well as quoting the article, the poster quoting it is, as part of the same post making an original and substantial discussion of the merits of the article. (It is not sufficient to quote an article and invite others to discuss it, and it is also not permitted to just include a token critical-review-like comment).

* The article is being quoted for the purposes of critical review of something else appearing on the board (for instance, to refute a claim another poster has made.) In this case the poster must indicate some part of the previous discussion that the article is relevant to criticising.

When you cannot quote in full

If none of the above apply then you cannot quote from an article in full and it is also not permitted to quote most of it in chunks. You may quote a small minority (typically a few short paragraphs at most) with a link to the article, or you may paraphrase the article as much as you wish (giving credit to the source.)

In particular, virtually everything published in any newspaper or its online equivalent, or on the website of a professional journalist, will be copyrighted material written with the expectation of profit. Such material can only be quoted with written permission or for critical review purposes.

Moderation of quoting

Quoting that is deemed excessive may result in:

* editing of the post to replace quotes with a link
* deletion of the post without warning or logging of deletion
* where a poster is persistently making little or no effort to comply, or reposting deleted material, suspension from the board.

The mods may also take action against cut-and-pastes that are extremely long, in large part off-topic, or apparently posted to divert discussion into matters best raised on a different thread.

Kevin Bonham
Moderator, Chesschat

(NB If you wish to discuss this please do so on the copy of this thread in the Politics section)