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    Paul Sanderson(1962-2008)RIP

    Paul was born on 29 January,1962 and educated at St.Bede's College,Mentone and RMIT,where he studied Engineering.

    He was Treasurer of Elwood Chess Club(circa 1995)in the formative years when other officials included Noel Craske,Igor Goldenberg and Stephan Taylor.

    He died suddenly on October 2nd and leaves father Robin,mother Patricia,older sister Anne-Marie and younger brother Michael.

    The funeral was attended by several chess players including Alec Knox,Alex Stanisheff,Bill Reid and Stephan Taylor,one of his closest friends.

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    Paul will be sadly missed by fellow chess players. He had very nice personality, I deeply regret his sudden departure.

    Rest in piece.
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    Paul and I were friends for many years and it was a massive reality check when I heard of his death.

    He was a intelligent man - he had an engineering degree and also did further studies in mathematics - and his future should have been full of promise and opportunity. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his power to control, his life took a different trajectory.

    Sometimes life sucks...Bill

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    Good vibes!

    We weren't close friends, but the times we met - either in tournaments or accidentally bumping into eachother down St Kilda, Elwoold area we always had some deep and meeningful ones and he always radiated positive vibes,
    I first met him at Elwood Chess Club around 2003.
    Last time, it was down at the MCC when he had come to meet his mate Alec. He looked worn out, almost exhausted. Maybe it was the "beyond his power to control" situation Bill referred to in the provious thread.
    RIP mate, I am sure you are in good company wherever you aer now! I also remember our moto before we started our games: "c'mon mate let's obliterate them"!
    See ya Paul!
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