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    Perplexing end to Bundesliga game

    The finish to this game has me scratching my head, Black has been winning for a while and then makes some blunders and White resigns. Just wondering if anyone has read of anything to explain the mysterious finish.

    Event: Bundesliga 2008-9
    Site: Trier GER
    Date: 2008.10.05
    Round: 2
    White: Svetushkin, D.
    Black: Acs, P.
    Result: 0-1
    ECO: D11
    WhiteElo: 2588
    BlackElo: 2542
    PlyCount: 148
    EventDate: 2008.10.03

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    That is really strange.
    Hm... sometimes I resign when I'm in a losing position and really bored. Maybe white was really bored and thought they were going to lose via some complicated tactic?

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    I reckon that the game was played on some kind of transmitter board and the players started analysing on the board creating bogus moves that were never actually played - not an uncommon problem. Most likely the last three moves (73...Ke7 74.Ke2 Be3) were never actually played and white had already resigned by that stage on account of his rook being trapped.
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    Illuminati Bill Gletsos's Avatar
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    Given whites Rook is trapped after 72. Bh6 White most likely resigned at that point. Moves 73 onwards are probably just moves picked up by the electronic board during analysis as Kevin has suggested.
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    Thanks fellows, a logical answer. I had thought that somehow the resignation would switch off the transmitter part of the board. I can see a new directive where DGT boards are being used. No analysis upon completing your game
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