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    Quote Originally Posted by flukey
    Thanks Jono, could I have just copied your post with the game interface and inserted my comments?? I tried to do this but lost my nerve!
    Flukey I notice you have been grappling with the idea of posting games in pgn format. May I suggest that best way forward is to take a deep breath and take the plunge. This board is replete with everyone's first attempts at coding!

    One quick way to grapple in private may be to use the QUOTE function on a post that has a pgn game and examine what lies between the pgn tags > [pgn].

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono
    Working now; the code is quite fiddly sometimes.
    Thanks Jono

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Snail King
    Steadman vs Solo game is interesting. At move 37 I think I would have played 37.Bxb4 and after Kxb4 38.Rxa7 because I think that by removing the a-pawn and b-pawn White removes most of Black's drawing possibilities. White remains 2-pawns (1 passer) and the exchange to the good, in a much simplified position. Perhaps he could even consider sac'ing the exchange back with Rhb1 and forcing off the bishop, leaving a R+3P vs R+P with Black's king well offside. I much prefer White's chances in a simplified position. Interested in your thoughts Jono.
    Interesting point, as I also thought 37.Bxb4 looked like such a natural safety first move during time-trouble - but Jono's 37.Be5 looks strong too.

    I also wanted to organise an earlier h3 & Kh2 to connect the rooks (maybe even at the cost of material) when the queens are still on - but I don't know if there's time. It seemed to me that Steadman might have been a bit too interested in material when mate is in the air!

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    Yes, SK and TD, 37. Bxb4 is quite a sensible safety move that should wrap up the point.
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    True, Michael. The same high school as the one where much later I was dux. But not sure why you posted this here!
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