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    An instructive loss!

    Here is a game which I consider that I threw away and then given a chance, I didn't salvage the draw.

    Event: WRICC
    Site: ?
    Date: 2008.07.20
    Round: 4.2
    White: Bourke, Phil
    Black: Aich, Alexander
    Result: 0-1
    ECO: C03
    WhiteElo: 1463
    BlackElo: 1496
    Annotator: Bourke,Phil
    PlyCount: 102
    EventDate: 2008.??.??
    EventType: team
    EventRounds: 6

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    I have had a go at fixing up the annotated version above without success; not sure what the problem is. Could be just too many notes or could be a line break issue in copy and paste.

    Interesting game.
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