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    Excellent Article on Endgames!

    Check out: - it has an exellent article by Baburin on pawn endgames
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    Awesome article Michael ... thanks for the tip!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiny Norman
    Awesome article Michael ... thanks for the tip!
    Amongst players of master strength in Australia, who always lend an ear and a good piece of advice to learners, Michael Baron is definitely prominent. I look forward for my semi retirement and the continuation of my lessons with him!
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    As I suppose many of you already know, the Chess Cafe site has ongoing series on Engames by Karsten Muller, Middle games and strategy etc by Mark Dvoretsy and Openings by Gary Lane plus several other interesting columns such as Geurt Gijssen's Arbiter's Notebook and Hans Ree's Chess Treats. All can be downloaded from the beginning from the Chess Cafe Archives. It's a mine of information on almost all aspects of the game (?sport )

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