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    Hi All,

    For the last 9 months I have been a paid up member of VOG , Vinco Online Games. I am a member and a visitor of almost all the online games which include chess. What has struck me most has been the about of verbal abuse on the site. A friend of mine , Ronnie, played one game on the site and, choosing to go another board his opponent reponded "F*** off you coward". I was more disturbed when I was told in the most crude language what sexual acts i should perform with my mother! I reported just some of these samples of abuse and was told by staff that I was wasting my time. True , i thought, I should be spending my time on a less abusive site.

    Incidents have happened where, during a tournament game, and i was scoring very highly, the chessboard was blocked out from my sight so that not only had i to read the notice posted but i had to find a move without sight of the board. These games were played at a typical speed of 3 minutes per player. Needless to say even the loss of say, 10, seconds was enough to ruin my chances in the games., likely was a loss on time. And what state of mind did i carry to the following games, a shambles.

    Countless times I have been in two minds about leaving such a site, after all I had built up some friendships with many members. But two days before I finally quit my screen was plastered with around 7 or 8 requests for a game, from the one player. Underneath one appeal was a cascade of others. I complained but the one filling my screen with unwanted appeals was supported , not I.

    I decided to keep out of his way , each and evey room he visited. At one point he had entered a tournament. I dont remember ever having entered such a tournament. Appeals were made for me to join the other members and him. I refused. I have had stress recently that has cost me a breakdown lasting 6 months. A tournament for 15 minutes does not compare for damages.

    And for now I remember playing a really good tournamnent when suddenly "Star Trek" fashion by my pieces rooks, queen suddenly beamed off the board. On reporting such one staff told be such things did not happen on
    their site . Later , via their own archive of games , Winndy, staff, proved that their had indeed been hacking of my game.

    I came in one last time to say my goodbyes to my closest friends, they have a message system available. A tournament was announced, a regular thing, i looked at the entrants and my "trouble maker was not there" . I pay my subscripttion in order to enter such tournament and so entered. It was then that staff christened me "idiot". I pointed out that for one thing i have an IQ of about 98% of the population. I have scored unprecedented 100% scores in hospital aptitude tests, 1992 and scored first in all those tested in a governement training course including one with an IQ of 151, and 19 on 20 in a "Mastermind" quiz from thheir book.He went silent.

    Its easy to draw conclusions with insufficient data.

    He made the point that VOG was an adult club , yes, but they are not immune to the law, thoughout the country people are subject to adult laws and the law of the country comes way beyond the law of VOG.

    I have left.

    I would advise anyone considering VOG as a possible site to use to th ink again.
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