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    Game up for analysis - criticism

    Contrary to most of my games, this was one where in the computer run-through afterwards, there was no point after the opening when the opponent could've done anything to turn the game around - rare for me!
    Better tactical moves could've been used, but I got there in the end and overall think I played ok.

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    Move 18: Missed e4
    Moves 38-ish onwards - beat him in much the same way the monkeys write Shakespeare...I'm usually a bit better at noticing quick tactical solutions.

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    Interesting how the threat of Nc5 is such a strong one that 21...Ne7 giving up the exchange is about as good as anything else except the far superior (and not too hard to see) 21...e5.

    Your opponent played a bad and passive opening. It's good to have never been in trouble in such a game, but the next step up is to not even let them back into it, if they are going to give up control of the centre, develop slowly and make overcautious pawn moves like 6.h3? By move 9 you had a big lead in development but over a few moves after that white gets back in the game, until he makes further mistakes.

    Your 10...Nf6 was unnecessary. Your knight is no better on f6 then where it stands and while it is on d5 it is quite likely white will waste a move and weaken his structure trying to drive it away. Leave it there for now and get on with developing an undeveloped piece, 10...Be6 (which also defends the diagonal against Qb3 nasties if that worried you) so you can connect rooks faster when you need to.

    You played some good moves in the middlegame. 12...b5 is a good move. 17...f4 is a good move. Both of these drive the opponent further back. 20...Ba3 is not as strong as ...e4 but it is a good idea to see all the same.

    Moves 38-ish onwards - beat him in much the same way the monkeys write Shakespeare...I'm usually a bit better at noticing quick tactical solutions.
    Don't worry about missing forced mates when you are in overwhelmingly won positions provided you are consistently winning them. Strangely it is hard to always find the very best move when you are totally winning. It's not worth being perfectionist if you are so far up that you know you will grind out the win, especially if the latter path actually involves less thought when short on time. After 28.Nd2? your opponent was very much lost and remained that way - that's what matters.

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    Why did you lose time with 6... Bd6 and 8... Be7? Why not play the B to that square immediately?
    Otherwise, what KB said.
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