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    Selling second-hand chess books

    I played chess a lot in the late 1960s and early 1970s and accumulated a collection of about 20 chess books. They include things like Alekhine's best games (3 volumes), Pachman's books on openings (3 volumes), Winter's book for beginners, Fisher vs Spassky in Reykjavik, Capablanca's best games, Kere's book on the end game etc etc. Of course they are all in old notation and condition varies from excellent (for hardbacks) to falling apart (for paperbacks). Does anyone know if there is a market for these old books and what is the best way of selling them as a job lot?

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    I'd probably suggest putting them on eBay, with some decent photographs.

    then let forums like this one know about it (there's at least a couple in Australia)

    cheers and good luck

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    My 2c: you may find selling 20 books as a 'job lot' difficult, as the buyer will be up for a fair bit in postage, which is calculated on weight. The buyer of a job lot will probably only want a few of the 20 books and will judge it as too expensive to ship 20 books for, say, 5. For these reasons, if you're selling on Ebay I'd investigate shipping costs first and consider whether they're reasonable for the product you're selling.

    Personally, I'd actually try selling them individually on forums like this one where you can negotiate terms with buyers and you're not paying Ebay any listing fees for items that may not sell. Put up a list with your prices and indicate you're willing to haggle or give a discount for bulk buys. Perhaps reserve the ones you think/know are "collectible" and will fetch a premium - and sell those on Ebay. If you do sell on Ebay, be sure to post on forums like this one and provide links to your auctions, generate as much interest as possible.

    And yes - generally speaking - there is a market for old books, providing they're desirable and in good nick and you can find the right buyer. Some of my father's trout fishing books are worth a fortune.

    Good luck with it!
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    I might take them off your hands. Send me a PM.

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    They are pretty good books, although Pachman's opening trilogy would be dated by now.
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    in tournaments

    I think a good idea is for every tournament to include a "garage sale" of participants/onlookers second hand chess books.
    With a small fee for the club/venue and logical prices, I think lots of players can make some money and others benefit from books they never had the chance to own.
    Cheers and good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono
    They are pretty good books, although Pachman's opening trilogy would be dated by now.
    Also the complete work had four volumes (1. Open Games, 2. Semi-Open Games, 3. Queen's Gambit and Other Close Games and 4. Indian Systems). It was interesting in it's time as it gave more explanation than most opening books but it would be dated, as you say, and it was not comprehensive in its treatment of all opening lines.

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