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    Russian Championship

    The final of the Russian championship will start tomorrow. Below are the prizes for all 12 participants who managed to qualify.

    1 place 1.100.000 rubles
    2 place 800.000 rubles
    3 place 650.000 rubles
    4 place 500.000 rubles
    5 place 400.000 rubles
    6 place 350.000 rubles
    7 place 300.000 rubles
    8 place 250.000 rubles
    9 place 200.000 rubles
    10 place 175.000 rubles
    11 place 150.000 rubles
    12 place 125.000 rubles

    $1 Au equals to approximately 20 rubles.

    Kramnik is not playing. $50,000 USA appearance fee and another $50,000 USA in the first prize are not enough to get him involved. Some people say there is no money in chess. Well, obviously that is true about some countries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drug
    $1 Au equals to approximately 20 rubles
    = 2.5 HCDs
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    Has anyone been able to watch the games live from this tournament? I have tried a couple of times but have had no luck.

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    Go to

    Hello Garvin,
    You can follow live at least one game with GM commentary on
    Games starts at 11-00pm OLD time.

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    It works perfectly on my computer.

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    Following an initial draw and than a loss Morozevich went on a rampage with 6 straight wins, 4 of which were with the black pieces.
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    imgine moro in the world cup ,he never draws much.scary

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