The match of the century

Everyone agrees for saying that the Boris’s (Walnut, Master, Diplomat) are poor chess players. On my own WEB site (, I explain all their weaknesses:

  • No openings book;
  • No endgame table;
  • No memory. Boris always recompute from the current position at each move. It cannot recall the preceding move. Therefore, it cannot build multimove CHECHMATE, it cannot manage the draw by 3rd repetition and Boris sometime castling after having already move its rook or its King...?
  • And much more other things.

But, when we are affirming that today Boris has his place only in one museum are we good judges? Us who pass much time to speak about chess and to analyze programs and machines? In true life, today, Boris, on his lower level: 0 second on the meter, can he give good challenges to beginner’s players? Would Boris still have his place in the living room of occasional chess players?

In order to answer this question, I decided to conduct a little experiment by disputing 20 chess games between Boris “Walnut” (0 seconds on the meter) and beginner’s Internet players. Each game "is analyzed" (at the best of my weak knowledge) and is commented in French and English.

Here are the rules of the matches:

  • The profile of Boris on the Chess playing site states clearly that it is a machine of the 70' which plays;
  • The games are played only against beginners;
  • The duration of the game between 20 to 25 minutes (I must have time to enter the moves on Boris);
  • The games are not rated to be fair with the players;
  • As Boris does not have endgame table and that he cannot built CHECHMATE, I am thus quickly constrained in time at the end of the games. Then, in these circumstances, if Boris largely dominates the adversary, for this little experiment, it is a victory for him. Because it proved its superiority.

You will be surprised to note that after a difficult start; 2 defeats in 3 games (including one humiliating defeats in 9 moves in game number 3 ) Boris finishes his series of games with the White with a score of 8 - 3. With the Blacks, Boris did not disappoint either with a splendid score of 7 - 2!

Finally, it is obvious that Boris is not a good example for a beginner and this, in particular opening and finale phases of the game. However, the beginner will learn something very important from Boris: never leave pieces without monitoring...

Enough discussion now let us revives these epic battles!

Enjoy! Daniel.