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    Classic Shoutbox Conversations

    Here are the highlights from the 'conversation' firegoat7 and I had last night. Axiom was in the mix too, but I removed his shouts since I don't think that doing so has reduced the readability of the interchanges firegoat7 and I were having.

    firegoat7: Port Lincoln SA (is that the right spelling) is the classic globalised food industry
    firegoat7: how much blufin tuna caught there ends up in oz?
    Mangafranga: caught?
    Mangafranga: it isn't caught, it is farmed
    firegoat7: semantics
    Mangafranga: err
    Mangafranga: not really
    Mangafranga: one means something, another means something else
    firegoat7: but who benefits from the exports...well thats the classic catch 22 argument
    Mangafranga: presumably those that eat it do
    Mangafranga: those that produce
    Mangafranga: and those that distribute
    firegoat7: Manga, I do believe I detect hostility in your speech
    Mangafranga: if you would like to say wherein such lies i would be happy to respond
    firegoat7: I would even goso far as to say I detect passive hostility
    firegoat7: where do the fish live?
    Mangafranga: in these weird net type things
    Mangafranga: so the fish arent happy is the issue?
    firegoat7: obviously the fish live in the sea
    firegoat7: who owns the sea?
    Mangafranga: well the harbour actually
    Mangafranga: and only a very small part
    firegoat7: semantics again
    Mangafranga: no, not really
    firegoat7: more passive hostility
    Mangafranga: the diamater of the farm is probably less than the diamater of your house

    Mangafranga: down with farming
    Mangafranga: im going to bed
    firegoat7: u r stupid manga
    firegoat7: u need to wake up
    firegoat7: he wont agree
    firegoat7: he is happily ignorant
    firegoat7: Im telling you AX the kid is a waste of space
    firegoat7: his arrogance is absurd
    Mangafranga: how dare one support farming, throw me to the wolves!
    Mangafranga: I suggest that *this* is shoutbox trolling
    Mangafranga: by by fellows

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    thanks Manga

    That was hilarious !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett
    That was hilarious !!
    I will respond with "No it wasn't, it was stupid" on the proviso that someone replies with "semantics".

    Any takers?
    So einfach wie möglich, aber nicht einfacher - Albert Einstein

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    Welcome to the club
    There is no cure for leftism. Its infestation of the host mostly diminishes with age except in the most rabid of specimens.

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    The following shouts were made in the 10th year of AC's chesschat membership on Tuesday 25th June 2013.

    [25-06-2013 10:51 AM] Kevin Bonham: AC please stop trying to be crass in the shoutbox. anything you shout that i'm not sure isn't crass, i'll delete, until your standards improve
    [25-06-2013 12:03 PM] antichrist: after ten years of posting I have not changed one iota - maybe I feel sorry fou
    [25-06-2013 12:03 PM] antichrist: for youall
    [25-06-2013 12:42 PM] Denis_Jessop: This the chance for a massive conversion in the style of St Paul!
    [25-06-2013 03:19 PM] antichrist: did u notice that procession of pigs blox
    [25-06-2013 03:20 PM] antichrist: pigs blocking out the super moon
    Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

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    I was only stating the obvious that KB would okay a gay relationship between God and the Devil - maybe it should have been in the zooaphilia thread that's my mistake
    Zionism is racism as defined by the UN, Israel by every dirty means available steals land and water, kill Palestinian freedom fighters and civilians, and operates an apartheid system to drive more Palestinians off their land

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