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    Quote Originally Posted by ER View Post
    My australian political system provides for self defense. Threaten myself, my people and my property like your friends - the Sudanese gangs did in my
    neighbourhood or try to block my way to work. or to an appointment like your beloved xstinkers did in the CBD of my city and you've got another thing coming to you - the Australian way too!
    What definition of "self defence" includes the 'right' to 'defend' yourself against people blocking your way to work? Do the protesters also have a right to defend themselves against you?

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    Apart from being pests xstiners are utterly stupid and incompetent

    and some comments the local econutjobs might find useful!

    • Epic levels of incompetence...and they insist on telling others how to live... hahaha.
    • These people want to run the entire world. They're too thick to switch off the pump.
    • Idiots. They should be made to clean up that mess they made!
    • Is this the same treasury that supports the vulnerable in hospitals and those requiring welfare payments?
    • they literally wet themselves
    • Communists went from red to green but they are still just the same damn thing
    • Spraying thousands of gallons of paint that will end up in the water system is a great way to show you are filled with fake outrage.
    • 4 million beetroot plants died for this!
    • literally caught red handed poluting the earth.
    • God, these leftists are insane.
    • Pathetic lefty morons, can’t even hold a hose pipe , I hope they were arrested and get huge penalties
    • Show lessRead more2 weeks ago
    • paul armstrong 2 weeks ago •
    • epic fail from the eco-nutjobs
    • Thats a Bloody Mess!
    • Bunch of incompetent fools - please pull more of your stunts-the British people are in need of a good laugh.
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    Threats to Extinction Rebellion show their demands are being heard, but ignored
    The Conversation

    Scores of arrests have been made across Australia as the Extinction Rebellion enters its fifth day of protests.

    The activists are desperately trying to force the Australian Government to take serious and effective action against climate change.

    And their brand of civil disobedience has caused major inconveniences, from hanging off bridges to locking themselves to gates, vehicles or cement blocks.

    But while inconvenient, their protests are still non-violent.

    This is an important point to stress, as the members of state and federal governments peddle the view that they are criminals and anarchists.

    In fact, as the movement grows stronger, so do the governments' attempt to stop it.

    It shows the Extinction Rebellion's demands are actually being heard, but at the same time, the drastic responses make it clear policy makers will still choose to ignore them....

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