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    Quote Originally Posted by ElevatorEscapee View Post
    My chess dreams seem to be more about organising tournaments, and nothing about the positions.

    I dream that I am playing a regular opponent, and have a strong, if not winning, position, when a distraction occurs elsewhere that means I have to sort it out before returning to my board, only to find that the pieces are suddenly all in the wrong places... (Frustration!)

    Attempting to go back through both scoresheets to reconstruct the game (or trying to replay the game through my mind) only proves to be an even more frustrating exercise where I just can't hold my concentration... (all the while my clock is running down)... and then another distraction pops up!

    Sometimes it's good to wake up!
    I'm glad I'm not the only person who has anxiety dreams about organising chess tournaments - although I'm rarely a player in these dreams!

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    I think this is my first ever dream about being an arbiter.

    In last night's dream I dreamt that I was running a small Swiss tournament which included some rather high-rated young players. The tournament has just overcome some interruptions from external noise when one of these high-rated young players (2200-ish), who has already been playing poorly and losing to lower rated players, starts mucking about. He starts doing things like sneaking pieces from the side of the board back onto the board two at a time and bouncing them up and down on their squares, which is obviously totally illegal and distracting to the opponent.

    I warn the young star that if he does this again his tournament score will be deducted half a point. However, after a little while, he starts doing the same thing again but more subtly, bringing pieces up to the edge of the board without quite putting them on it, all in a deliberate attempt to "rules-lawyer" my previous ruling by being as obnoxious as he can without quite triggering it. Eventually I spot him sneaking a piece onto the board and decide he has breached my previous ruling, and step in to tell him that I am penalising him half a point. He says something like "oh, that's all for me then", and walks out of the venue making it clear he is withdrawing from the tournament. I rule that he has forfeited his round 4 game (in which he was dead lost anyway), and then notice that he has also lost rounds 1-3, meaning that he finishes the tournament as a withdrawal with a score of -.5/4.

    At the start of the next round a bunch of the young player's friends turn up and berate me and argue that their friend is wonderful and cannot possibly have broken the rules, therefore he didn't and that I was just being mean. I listen to them, torn between lambasting them for spouting trash in defence of a badly behaving player, and the realisation that at some point I will have to fess up: Penalising a player's tournament score is not a penalty available to the arbiter and therefore my decision had been wrong.

    Then I wake up.
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    That brought a smile to my lips, Kev. Tomorrow night I am arbiter for a FIDE rated event for the first time.
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    An online game played recently featured a line I hadn't played for a long time. When I was in my early teens in Wellington, the leading player of my club was the German-born Bernie Deben, who had recently crushed one of the leading NZ players in what would now be called a rapid tournament:

    Bernie Deben vs Kai Jensen
    Dominion Breweries 40-40 Tt (1978), Upper Hutt, NZ, rd 4
    PGN Viewer

    But the line isn't really that good for White. Books on the Marshall that were the best thing ~20 years before databases had chapters on anti-Marshall lines like 8.a4 and 8.d4 suggested that Black could play 10... ♖f8 11. ♕xd4 c5 with good compensation. So I studied these lines quite a lot, but I think Deben and I played it only in blitz. And in the recent game, Black had no trouble, and White had to tread carefully:

    [Event " server game"]
    [Site " "]
    [Date "2019.12.18 "]
    [Round "NA"]
    [White "Luther1517"]
    [Black "Sarfati_FM"]
    [Result "1/2-1/2"]
    [WhiteElo "2203"]
    [BlackElo "2478"]
    [Board "11505299"]

    PGN Viewer

    I guess I was thinking so much about those long-ago teen years that I didn't stop thinking even while asleep. In a dream, I encountered my old friend and rival Deben again at a chess club. He looked older with white hair, but I can't confirm if he looked over 40 years older, and he still played a good game. He is in my parents' generation, and I have no idea if he is even alive.
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    A few weeks ago I had a dream where Jeremy Corbyn was playing in a World Championship match; needless to say he was not doing particularly well in the game I was watching and seemed about to lose on time. On somehow reaching move 40 he got up, left the closed player's box and immediately started discussing his position with all and sundry.

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