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    This is silly but last night I dreamt up "bookshelf chess" as a chess variant, based on a position where I played what appeared to be a back rank mate and then it was noted that books on the bookshelf next to the chessboard were chesspieces and could be interposed to delay the mate.

    As best I could determine "bookshelf chess" had a duplicate row of each side's pieces on the lines a0-h0 and a9-h9. The duplicate pieces normally don't do anything but can be moved onto the board to block checks and become real active chesspieces at that point.

    (The dream didn't consider captures but if the duplicate pieces can capture then Scholar's Mate is not mate and is actually a blunder, because there's a knight on g9.)
    I wonder if this dream reflects and resolves in some way the internal struggle between the priorities of book learning and practical play.
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