The next major release of Visual Studio Team System is code-named
"Rosario" and will be released following the "Orcas" release. In this
exciting release, we will be delivering new innovations to build on our
award-winning Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution.
Some of the major scenarios and features in Visual Studio Team System code-named “Rosario” will include:

- Joint prioritization and management of IT projects through integration with Microsoft Project Server
- Project management across multiple projects for proactively load balancing resources according to business priorities
- Full traceability (inc. hierarchical work items) to track project deliverables against business requirements and the ability to conduct rapid impact analysis of proposed changes
- Comprehensive metrics and dashboards for shared visibility into project status and progress against deliverables
- Powerful new features to enable developers and testers to quickly identify, communicate, prioritize, diagnose and resolve bugs
- Integrated test case management to create, organize and manage test cases across both the development and test teams
- Testing automation and guidance to help developers and testers focus on business-level testing rather than repetitive, manual tasks
- Quality metrics for a ‘go/no-go’ release decision on whether an application is ready for production and has been fully tested against business requirements
- Rapid integration of remote, distributed, disconnected and outsourced teams into the development process
- Easy customization of process and guidance from Microsoft and partners to match the way your team works
- Improvements to multi-server administration, build and source control