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Thread: Crazy game

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    Crazy game

    I just played one of the craziest games ever on FICS... royally stuffed the opening, came back with a strong attack, then looked gone after giving away my queen, then somehow came back.. have a look.

    White ELO: 1921
    Black ELO: 1959 (I'm black).

    Time control: 15 0

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    Great entertainment in the spirit of the variation!

    White panicked by returning the queen since 23.Qb4 opens black up to such an extent that the loss of the Ne2 and threat of g1Q are irrelevant and white is totally winning.

    White also - and this is tricky - should have kept rooks on with 29.a4! intending Ra1-a3-c3 either getting play against the black 7th rank or cutting the black king off from stopping white's a and b pawns. I would say with 29.a4 white is still better, if not winning.

    After swapping rooks off the ending highly favours black because black's king can defend the q-side without hassling from white's rook. Final position looks won by force for black to me.

    Thanks for posting that, I enjoyed it.
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