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    Here is a silly question

    Hi. Here is a silly question. What is the meaning of thematic chess? A strong player once described my moves as very thematic.

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    Usually a "thematic" move is one that is consistent with the principles of the kind of position you are playing even though it may not be a known book move in that particular opening.

    Example: the thematic ...RxNf3 exchange sac for Black in the French Closed Tarrasch. Even if you're not in a book position it is a theme which is likely to arise in that position and players who know that line well will be aware of it for both sides, although it will be more sound in some positions and less in others.

    I guess a punchy definition would be "in the spirt of the opening". If your moves are being described as thematic it is a good sign that you are showing an understanding of how to play from a given opening.
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    There are also 'thematic tournaments' where the opening moves are set, and the participants play on from that position. For example, a thematic Scotch Game may be:

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    And now the game begins from this position.

    Sometimes a correspondence tourn will be thematic like this and all games will begin with these moves.
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