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    Let's talk about Zugzwang

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    Try these with Fritz 8.

    If you don't have Fritz 8, pat yourself on the back.

    Good job........


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    I will try

    AS a proud or somehwat embarassed owner of Fritz 8 I will have a look.

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    Blimey, you don't need a computer for those... Or you shouldn't!

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    First position: 1.Bb7. Black bishop must move, 2.Rxh2. Bishop must either block the h-file or protect h8 to prevent mate. Rook can then maneouvre to h7, and then to e7 or g7 before mating on the back rank.

    Second: 1.Bd5 e4 2.Kh3 e3 3.Bxg2mate

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