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    Arrow Are there "Go" players here ?

    Hello to all.

    The first "Go" (weiqi) tournament just started on FICGS chess & go server

    Waiting for more players...

    Best wishes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FICGS
    Hello to all.

    The first "Go" (weiqi) tournament just started on FICGS chess & go server
    I like go (~1kyu), admire its elegance and its fascinating history, but hardly have time for chess let alone go as well.

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    I've had a go once or twice.
    So what's your excuse? To run like the devil's chasing you.

    See you in another life, brotha.

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    hi all,

    Many years ago (sounds like start to fairytale) i was taught Go and was part of a Go club for about six months. This old guy started teaching me giving me 9 advantage stones - by the end of six months I was giving hin 6 advantage stones.

    I believe Go is a game reasonable chess players would improve to a decent level very quickly but as a Japanese 4 Dan Go Master said to me like chess there is constant improvement but it gets harder and harder requiring more study to make quantum leaps forward in ability. If my memory is correct he told me that many years ago their was a 9 Dan master but that apart from a couple of 8 Dan recently no-one has managed to get to the required 9 Dan level. A different world and culture that I dont really understand but I can appreciate the subtleties of Go after talking to this Master many years ago.

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