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    Cool The Eighth Seal: Queen and Rook on the Eighth Rank

    Hi guys,

    I wrote an essay called The Eighth Seal:
    Queen and Rook on the Eighth Rank

    In this essay I examine, as you may have guessed, a few examples with queen and rook on the opponent’s eighth rank. The last one is the critical position in Spassky – Tal 1958 where Spassky misses the win. The essay is in

    I will be happy to hear your remarks: especially whether you agree or disagree with my understanding of these positions and if you have positions to support or contradict what I have to say.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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    Chessbug rocks

    I recommend Chessbug's articles for all who seek to penetrate chess mysteries.

    His words are perspicacious, clear and enlightening.

    Just as the reviews by Capamantis are too

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