"Roving reporter, Rocky Rathead, here in Federation square today to report on an amazing spectacle. "

Jo Hall: Rocky, what exactly is going on? Why all thses people in star wars outfits?

Rocky: Well, you would think it's a star wars convention. But actually, it's the first Victorian live chess championships.

Jo Hall: And is it all action Rocky? It looks noisy and colourful with all thses banners.

Rocky: Yeah, lots of banners - some supporting one champion player called Daryl Johansen who is commanding the black clothed people. The other guy is that well known chess columnist Chris Depasquale. They have been going since 10 am this morning.

Jo Hall: Looks like a real festival down there. Get back to us if there is a checkmate . [laughs]

Rocky: will do.

Stunts. Every sport/game needs em. Let's cme up with more stunts