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Thread: Trivia Night

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    Trivia Night

    I see there has been a trivia night set for the 6th. How about we get together a chesschat trivia team?
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    A piece of chess trivia which would probably be of interest only to Shaun Press and Paul Dunn.

    The following game was played blidfolded while travelling between Sydney and Brisbane for the Australian Championships. Some unusual circumstances were involved as the entire game was completed while the song 'Farewell Aunty Jack' was playing on the car stereo.

    Blindfold Game, 27.12.2005
    White IGM Ian Rogers
    Black WFM Cathy Rogers
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    I s'pose Ian Rogers was do the driving

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    No this is silly, the whole premise is silly and very badly written. I'm the senior officer here and I've not had a funny line yet so I'm stopping it.

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    I'm not sure we're going to sneak that one past the judges ... but if anyone else knows where this game was played previously, the information would be most appreciated.

    ps Whats the only thing better than listening to "Farewell Aunty Jack" on the car stereo?
    Watching "Farewell Aunty Jack" on TV via the "Aunty Jack" DVD that I got for Xmas

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