I see that this tournament has been combined with the major because of lack of players. This most probably would have happened in Adelaide last time except Srbo Zaric's rating was over 2150 so he could not play in the major. As it was a number of players transfered to the major anyway, including Krstic and Lilly I think, and a couple of others may have done so as well but were slow in speaking up. The failure of this tournament twice in a row to attract enough players to be considered a success must be a concern. I wonder what future is for this title. Making it part of the Major as a normal thing is not really a viable option because there are a number seniors who do have ratings over 2150, Hamilton, Flatow and Fuller. Zaric's rating is likely to go back over 2150 as well.

Well I have drifted into the future, but does anyone know whether all seniors in the Major are eligible for the title or only those who entered the seniors? Are the players who entered the seniors eligble to win prizes in the major?