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    Najdorf 6.Bg5 line?

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    Anybody willing to continue as white?
    Right now i'm doin a bit of research on this line.

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    Hi Hitman. Here’s some feedback on the game you’ve put up (not my analysis- I showed someone the game and this was his response):

    “why is 26...Nd2+ no good? Wins the exchange for black
    and seems to get him the advantage. Not that he's much worse in the
    position he wants to play from, but why analyse a position that should
    never have occurred? White's 26 b3 looks like a mistake to me.”

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    6.Bg5 line?

    Blow me down! I'm very sorry for misleading you all ,i got the move order wrong.
    Anyway after this position fritz says white stands better.I have my doubts on that, here is a game i played against fritz in the same line ,though i lost it was close and blame for the mind blowing variations i had to calculate in the endgame!

    I thought i had a good chance of drawing as fritz is bad at endgames My goodness gracious i'll never forget this endgame!

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