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    Article B7. Rapidplay

    Just concluded arbiting my first guillotine rapid play tournament and thought I would pose at least one question that occurred to me during the tournament.

    What can the arbiter do if someone other than the two players involved in the game points out a flag fall?

    B7. The flag is considered to have fallen when a player has made a valid claim to that effect. The arbiter shall refrain from signalling a flag fall.

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    Well, the person who has run out of time loses of course. However I would point out to the offending observer that he or she is not supposed to point it out.
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    A valid claim still has to be made by the player. The arbiter should take action against the spectator under 13.7a, "Spectators and players in other games are not to speak about or otherwise interfere in a game. If necessary, the arbiter may expel offenders from the playing venue." I would suggest a severe warning for a first offence and expulsion for the second, unless the spectator is a young junior who knew no better and was only trying to help, in which case just explain the rule and no repeat should occur. In my experience where the latter happens it is quite common for the players to consensually agree the game drawn.
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