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    Welcome to Chess Chat Forum and Community / Forum Basics


    Before you can post, you need to register an account. This can be done by clicking register in the menu near the top of the page.

    Forum Basics can be learnt easily by going through the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section by simply clicking the FAQ on the top menu.

    Only Administrators can post NEW THREADS in this forum. Members can only reply to existing news articles.

    Please enjoy your stay at Chess Chat.

    Thank you!
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    CC International Master Kaitlin's Avatar
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    Alll you Guest should become members and stop snoop snoop snooping
    .. this Caketin is full of little spiders and watermelon seeds.....

    ..Chess is all about fear and psychology

    ..Chess is like an exam..... you havent studied for

    ..If you're good at Chess it means you are very intelligent and could potentialy do great things
    ..... but that you might have wasted that playing way too much chess

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    This thread is an announcement/welcome thread that gives basics of the forum. Questions about these basics can be asked in the Help and feedback section. Also if you want to comment about the board, please do so in that section and not here.

    If you want to announce your presence on the board or welcome a new member to the board, do so here.

    All previous replies to this thread have been moved or removed, except for Kaitlin's above.

    Thanks very much to justaknight for encouraging the cleanup.
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