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    Elwood Community Bendigo Bank Chess Championship 2005

    The Elwood Community Bendigo Bank Chess Championship 2005 is a new initiative which has been organised by Barboros Kara, a local businessman, and an active Victorian player, and a good friend of mine. He has done a great job securing the support of the Elwood Community Bendigo Bank branch. This relationship with the Bendigo Bank is of great benefit for chess within the inner Melbourne area, not merely Elwood.

    I will post a link to the official website at the bottom, but will paste the body of the text here.

    Elwood Community
    Bendigo Bank
    Chess Championship 2005

    29th October to 1st November, 2005

    A FIDE Rated Event

    Elwood Primary School, Scott Street, Elwood

    Proudly sponsored by:

    The Bendigo Bank
    Australia's most sucessful community bank.

    Additional Sponsors:
    Chief Arbiter: IA Gary Bekker:


    1st - $2000 (Guaranteed)
    2nd - $1000
    3rd - $500

    Rating Prizes: U/2000, U/1600, U/1200:

    1st - $100
    2nd - $50.

    Junior Prizes: U/18, U/14, U/12:

    1st - Chess World Book Voucher

    Tournament Format: 7 round Swiss tournamnent.

    Time Control: 90 minutes, plus 30 seconds per move. (edit, Macavity: this means that players are required to record all of their moves throughout the game.)

    Entry fees: $60 full. $40 concession. $10 surcharge for entries on the day.

    Also of especial note is the fact that players who open an account with the Bendigo Bank branch in Elwood before the tournament will be eligible to receive a $5 rebate on their entry fee during the weekend of the tournament upon production of the proof of their new account. This is a form of incentive for showing support to the sponsors of this event, the Elwood Community Bendigo Bank. The chess community should consider matters of sponsorship such as this seriously as we would not want to sour a potentially long lasting relationship. I found the fact of this discount's existence from Barboros, over the phone from Sydney - Macavity

    Tournament Schedule:

    Saturday 29th Oct:
    Opening - 12:00 pm
    Round 1 - 12:30 pm
    Round 2 - 5:00 pm

    Sunday 30th Oct:
    Round 3 - 9:30 am
    Round 4 - 2:00 pm
    Round 5 - 6:30 pm

    Tuesday 1st Nov:
    Round 6 - 9:30 am
    Round 7 - 2:00 pm
    Prizes - 6:30 pm

    For more details contact:
    Barbaros Kara,
    Mobile: 0401 572-549

    The website is

    I would strongly urge anyone able to play to do so to support this new event in its first year. MCC is not running their event on this weekend now, and will be directing any enquiries about this event to Barboros, Gary, or anyone else who ends up in their team of organisers, to ensure the best turnout possible.

    Take care and God Bless, Macavity
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    I understand this event is to be FIDE rated?

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    Excellent effort from Barbaros to secure sponsorship.

    It is good to see Elwood Chess Club doing well - nice club rooms and very friendly place.

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    Best of luck with this.

    Are you sending us flyers to display on the notice-board at the club rooms. (If not, I will print post #1).


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    Some ideas, and some absence of knowledge

    Hello, everyone,
    Perhaps the website version is more visually appealling in some ways for the sponsor, starter? It certainly has the Bendigo Bank, ACF and FIDE logos within the site, which I have attempted to replicate in my post to a greater ( or lesser!!) extent.

    As far as the provision of fliers to individual clubs for their members, I don't know what plans are being made, as I am not one of the official organisers (yet) but have been unable to contact Barboros this morning yet. This inability to contact him has led to my uncertainty of the FIDE rating of this event, though we have spoken of it, and I had understood it to be his desire for it to be so rated, but things can change...

    Will let everyone when I know more,

    Take care and God Bless, Macavity

    Oh, and BTW White Elephant, the flier clearly states that the venue for the event is Elwood Primary, not the club rooms at Tennyson street; I agree that the loveliness of their meeting place is unquestioned, just wanted you and any others who may get confused about this point to be correct in your beliefs.

    once again, yours, M

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    To all concerned

    Hello, everyone,

    I have just concluded what promises to be a series of conversations regarding this event with Barboros, who is in Sydney. Fortuitously, we are going to be still within the window of my ability to edit my posts to this point when some important information is to be Emailed to me.

    Most important of all, above and beyond all else is (gulp...) the Tournament has been advertised on the net and here with...the wrong name.

    The official name of the tournament is :
    Elwood Community Bendigo Bank
    Chess Championship 2005

    Apologies to all for the errors, and I am looking forward to amending them soon,

    Take care and God Bless, Macavity

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    my initial conversations with Barboros some weeks ago when the idea was first discussed was that the event was most DEFINITELY FIDE rated.
    Last week when we again discussed the different venues the event was still to be FIDE rated...what has changed?

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    Go Barbaros!

    Good luck with it, nice to see Elwood chess club alive and kicking again.

    Probably, should stress that the venue is not the usual premises.

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    Yes, good luck to Elwood Chess Club.

    It's good to see that a relatively new face in Barbaros Kara has found the energy and time to create something as promising as this tournament. That he expects to become father in the not too distant future and is busy preparing tenders and meeting orders for his own computer supply business makes his achievement is organising sponsorship for this (with the help, no doubt, of other Elwood Chess Club members, such as Tony Wright and Metin Mustafa) all the more impressive.

    MCC News' knowledge of the tournament is a bit sketchy. Like Macavity, MCC News was pulled aside by Barbaros one day at the MCC and informed that this was being planned. Without wishing to pre-empt any developments, MCC News was informed that, among others, GM Johansen, IMs Sandler, Froehlich and West and FMs Baron and Depasquale were all being sounded out to participate. The tournament should prove to be a great lead-up for those who wish to build a bit of form for the Aus Champs and the Queenstown event.

    MCC News encourages all chess players able to attend to support this event. The only down-side is that the MCC is now not going to hold its Melbourne Cup Weekender. Let's hope that its Xmas Swiss tournament is a great success.

    MCC News.

    PS. Another great November weekender to look forward to is the Hobsons Bay Best in the West tournament. I don't have the details to hand. If it's still proceeding, someone should start a thread on that as well.

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    An excellent news!

    Well done Elwood chess club !I will be participating in the tournament and would recomend to all my students to play.I hope and believe that event will be highly succesfull.

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    James is certainly going to play!!! It is his Club!!!

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    Flier for event

    Hello, Everyone,

    The flier for the event that is to be distributed, is a PDF file and requires Adobe Acrobat or something like it to read; it is also too big to attach here on this site.

    As such I have created a word document with the information from the webpage contained within it.

    If anyone wants the official flier, PM me and I will email it to you

    Take care and God Bless, Macavity

    PS most, if not all, errors corrected at the official page
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    The flyer for Elwood Community Bendigo Bank Chess Championship 2005 is available here

    Please let me know if you find access to it painfully slow.
    So einfach wie möglich, aber nicht einfacher - Albert Einstein

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    The Bendigo Bank Elwood Chess Championships

    Very interesting
    1st prize 2000 dollars
    2nd 1000$
    3rd 500$

    1st-100$ 2nd-50 dollars

    u18,14,12 Coucher/book prizes

    Elwood Primary School
    Scott St, Elwood

    7 rounds
    Fide and ACF rated
    60$ entry
    40$ entry concession
    -5 bendigo bank customers
    -5 Chess kids Elite members
    +10 Entries on the day


    SATURDAY 29, 30 and 1st november (CUP DAY)

    Phone entries 95768177 (bh)


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    Very interesting indeed!

    Apparently Bendigo Bank can sponsor a chess tournament in Elwood.

    But have never sponsored a chess tournament in Bendigo! WTF????
    "On my chess set, all the pawns are Hamburglers" ~ Homer Simpson.

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