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    Draw in ten moves or less ...

    I just thought this might make an amusing companion piece to "Death in ten moves or less ...".

    I'm not interested in soft draws by agreement. The game must be drawn by an essentially forcing repetition arising on the board (or by stalemate if you're a Sam Loyd plagiarist). At least one side must be unable to get out of it without reaching a losing position. (If anyone can find one where both sides were forced to take the draw to avoid defeat that early in a game that would be even better.)

    My own entry in this category - Atkinson-Bonham, Tas Champs round 2 1991. After 7...Bf8 White must take the draw or be losing. Objectively 7...Nd7! looks stronger for Black than taking the draw but at the time I considered Atkinson the better player and was quite happy to rip half a point off him without raising a sweat.

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    It doesn't fit the 10 move criterion but Elena Sedina forced a spectacular draw against Darryl Johansen in Round 6 at Mount Buller in January. Twentyfive moves but exciting stuff.
    I won't put it up here but it's available on the Rooty Hill site. Follow the link then, on the menu at left of screen, navigate down to Round 6. (It's the second game on the list.)
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    Its not 10 moves but this one comes up often in the queen's gambit declined.

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    No one wants to draw in ten moves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Walker
    No one wants to draw in ten moves
    Don't tempt me to upset TWM, I am trying to make up to him.

    A draw in ten or any other number against Kasparov will suit me.

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